The Great Fortune of a President that Understands the Value of Education

I was fortunate enough today to be present at President Obama’s speech at the University of Michigan.  His speech was focused on making higher education affordable, and today he unveiled a program that would accomplish this (details can be found here:

In addition to a focus on higher education, he touched on his own education opportunities that were largely a result of being in a country that invested in education and created those opportunities for everyone.  He discussed how important this is to the very core of the American Dream, which includes the opportunity for anyone in America to make it if they work hard.  It also, more and more, requires a good education.

I couldn’t agree more.  I would expand this to include all education, and in particular, public education.  As the President stated, those with a college degree or higher have half the unemployment rate of those with only a high school degree; making higher education critical for our future. 

His speech resonated with me in regards to the investment in education, research and key programs that are critical for our country.  Apparently the Governor of Michigan was too busy to attend this session.  Let’s hope someone can brief him on the content and get him moving in common purpose with the citizens of Michigan toward a growing economy based on an educated people. 

Congratulations, President Obama.  This speech was well-done and on point.  I would just expand this to include the importance of a public K12 education.  It was truly a privilege to attend today’s speech.  Let’s hope the policies start to take root and we start investing in education again – as a State and a nation.

One thought on “The Great Fortune of a President that Understands the Value of Education”

  1. Yes, he understands the *value* of education. Unfortunately the policies of his Department of Education are, in my opinion, mostly negative for public education–I hope in his next term he gets some better advice.

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